Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sports Fans Show Team Spirit with Custom Bobbleheads

Football is starting back, baseball teams are in a pennant chase, and another NBA season is right around the corner. It’s a good time to be a sports fan. The word “fan” is short for fanatic, which fits perfectly because many of us are crazy about our teams. Whether it’s college or pro (or both), fans show their team spirit in a variety of ways. From clothes and chairs to cups and grill covers, they’re drawn towards just about anything featuring their team’s logo.  Bobbleheads have also become a real big hit among sports teams and their respective fan bases.

When people think “sports bobbleheads,” they typically think athlete and mascot bobblehead giveaways at games. However, you may not realize that custom bobbleheads can be designed for anyone, even the diehard fan. If you’re a fan who “has it all,” build a custom bobblehead. Maybe you’re tired of coasters and key chains. Perhaps you’re searching for a more original expression of team spirit, one you know your buddies don’t possess. A personal bobblehead is 100% original because it’s customized in your likeness from head-to-toe, including team colors, accessories, and other paraphernalia.

This couple decided to top off their Green Bay Packers' cake with a custom bobblehead!

Once you've built your bobblehead, you can proudly display at home, in the office, and even bring it along to games for tailgating. Some even use them as cake toppers for birthdays, weddings, or tailgates. Whatever the occasion, be it the big game or your big day, let friends, family, and coworkers know where your team loyalty lies. Sports are supposed to be fun. Bobbleheads are fun. It’s a perfect match. Support your team and/or school with a truly one of a kind item nobody else owns. Visit to become your team’s #1 fan!

A custom bobblehead, the perfect tailgate centerpiece.

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