Thursday, August 29, 2013

Want a Promotion? Give Bobbleheads as Gifts on Boss’s Day

Everyone knows in order to get ahead you’ve got to put in a little extra effort. Such is true in life and especially your career. If you want a raise or promotion, you have to impress your boss. More importantly, you need to be top-of-mind when those opportunities arise. National Boss Day, coming up October 16th, gives you another chance to stand out from the pack. When the annual review comes around, your gift may even put you over the top.

Michael Scott The Office Boss Gift
Bosses can be difficult to shop for because they’re an authority figure. They make more than you, in some cases a lot more, so they might fall into the category of “person who has everything.” Employees sometimes stress themselves out looking for the perfect gift too. Both of these scenarios ultimately lead to lazy gifts like coffee mugs, flowers, or candy. A card signed by the office is another popular, albeit unoriginal and uninspiring, Boss’s Day gift idea.

Make a statement to your boss with a custom bobblehead. Custom bobbleheads take a little more time and effort but the results are worth it. For a boss who has everything, there’s a 99.9% chance they don’t have their own personal bobblehead. You can also be virtually certain nobody else in the office is giving them one for Boss’s Day either. It’s a personal gift that shows commitment and attention to detail, two qualities a boss looks upon favorably in their employees.

As a Boss’s Day gift, the custom bobblehead will blow everyone away. Your boss will smile, laugh, and pose for pictures with the doll. It’ll be quite the scene in your office and a hot topic around the water cooler for other employees. Even better, the bobblehead’s going to be prominently displayed in your boss’s office for everybody to see. All of a sudden, this thoughtful gift becomes your own personal billboard on the boss’s desk. Now you’re top-of-mind when the next promotional opportunity presents itself.

Custom Bobblehead Gift Idea Boss Gift
Every time your boss looks at their bobblehead they'll think of you. 
Bonus: The bobblehead will always nod in your favor.

The popular saying goes, “you make your own luck.” Take control of your career, go the extra mile, and steal the show on National Boss Day. This small investment could serve as a springboard to a bigger, brighter future. Custom bobbleheads are individually hand-crafted and hand-painted. The process, which includes sculpting, proofing, and shipping, typically takes 6-8 weeks. Plan your boss’s bobblehead surprise in advance and order early. Visit and get started today! 

Capture the Special Moments in Life with a Bobblehead

Rick Monday Flag Saving Bobblehead
The LA Dodgers held their highly-anticipated Rick Monday ‘FlagSaving’ Bobblehead Night Tuesday to commemorate an awesome act of patriotism that took place on April 25, 1976. That was the day Chicago Cubs outfielder, and former Marine, Rick Monday saved an American flag from being burned by protesters in the outfield at Dodgers Stadium. It was a moment in time many Dodgers, Cubs, and diehard baseball fans probably remember but the casual fan and younger generations not so much. 

This is one of the great things about bobbleheads. They can be used to capture and celebrate a special moment. Bobbleheads are practically like 3-D photographs. People who capture memories in pictures can now immortalize them in bobblehead form. A fascinating story like Rick Monday’s was brought back to life almost 40 years later because of a bobblehead. Lucky fans who were able to snag a bobblehead will likely never forget Monday’s heroic tale as a result of the doll.

You see a lot of bobbleheads, especially in sports, used in this capacity. If a team wins a championship, they create a bobblehead to honor it. If a player wins an award, they get their own bobblehead celebrating the accomplishment. What many fail to realize is bobbleheads aren’t just for athletes and superstars anymore. Custom bobbleheads give everyone an opportunity to commemorate the special events in their lives.

As "King and Queen" of Mardi Gras, this couple was 
given custom bobbleheads to celebrate the occasion.

People turn to bobbleheads for all kinds of occasions including:
  • Weddings (Anniversaries and Engagements too)
  • Work milestones, especially retirement
  • Vacation trips
  • Birthdays (even pet birthdays)
  • Graduation
  • Corporate promotions
  • Family Reunions
  • All Holidays, especially Christmas, Father's and Mother's Day
  • Adult and youth sports recognition
  • Fundraisers for a good cause
Custom Bobblehead Retirement Gift
This gentleman, a long-time barber, was presented 
with a bobblehead upon his retirement.

Basically, any extraordinary occurrence in your personal or professional life can be recreated and remembered with a bobblehead. Visit to capture your moment forever.

For those who don't know the Rick Monday story, watch this video.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action: Bobbleheads Share the Spotlight

Even bobbleheads get their 15 minutes of fame. Our bobbleheads have appeared on or in the following:

The Big Bang Theory
Fast Company Magazine
The Huffington Post
History Channel
The Bachelorette
Fox News
Meet the Press
ABC's Nashville
Minnesota Twins
White House
Library of Congress
... and more!!

Visit to order one of our world-famous bobbleheads. This short, two-minute video shows you how they're being used on the big stage!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Reasons Why Custom Bobbleheads Make Great Coach’s Gifts

Pee-wee and little league coaches help today’s youth learn the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition. They volunteer time and energy, often asking for nothing in return.  However, parents and children typically present the coach or coaches with a gift of some kind at the end of the season to show their appreciation. Rewards vary widely, from signed balls to restaurant gift cards, and everyone chips in to split the cost.

Team moms looking for something a little more fun and original are choosing custom bobbleheads. Here are three reasons why they make excellent coach’s gifts…

Coach Gift Idea Custom Bobblehead
Glasses, shoes, visor, capture it all with a bobblehead!

1) Personal: Bobbleheads can be customized from head-to-toe to include clipboards, visors, team logos, and more. No two coaches are alike so why present them with a generic trophy or award. Instead, capture their unique appearance and demeanor forever with a custom bobblehead.

2) Interactive: Many people enjoy the creative process behind a custom bobblehead. Some team parents even involve the kids by letting them help pick out their coach’s bobblehead features and accessories. This makes for an all-around great experience and can even be used as a team building activity.

3) Fun: Quite frankly, bobbleheads are just more fun than other gifts. Kids and coaches alike will enjoy them so it’s a win-win scenario. At the end of the day, or season in this case, isn’t sports all about having fun? Imagine the smiles and laughter when your coach receives their bobblehead at the team’s end-of-season party. They’ll treasure that bobblehead forever.

Keep in mind these awesome gifts are individually hand-crafted and hand-painted. Custom bobbleheads typically take 6-8 weeks for sculpting, shipping, and proofing so plan ahead. Now’s a great time to place your order because many seasonal sports are starting up soon or have just begun. Visit and build your coach’s bobblehead today!

Monday, August 26, 2013

UGA Bobblehead from Royal Bobbles is "Bulldog Tough"

It's been a long eight-plus months but college football is finally back! This is Week 1 for many schools and the level of excitement is sky high.One team in particular that has a lot to be excited about is the Georgia Bulldogs. After coming up 5 yards short of a national championship game appearance in 2012, the Dawgs start their 2013 campaign as a preseason top-5 team. They'll be tested right away as Georgia travels to Death Valley in Clemson, South Carolina Saturday night for a top-10 showdown with the Clemson Tigers.

If your blood runs red and black, Royal Bobbles offers this officially licensed, exquisitely sculpted Georgia Bulldog mascot bobblehead figurine. From his mean face to the broad, muscular shoulders and powerful legs, this is the biggest, baddest bulldog available. Dawg fans can get their very own "Bulldog Tough" bobblehead in time for kick-off Saturday by ordering online at

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Einstein Bobblehead Customer Review

Einstein Bobblehead Royal Bobbles
"I gave this Albert Einstein statue to my son who is currently studying for his Masters Degree in Physics. We were very impressed with the quality and construction of this Bobblehead. Also, we really liked having the included additional factual information about Mr. Einstein. We have a large collection of bobbleheads from sporting events and the quality of your product is 50x better. My son was very pleased with his gift and displays it prominently!"

                               - 5* Customer Review on

Are you an Einstein fan (who isn't!?) or a history buff? Pick up your very own mini-Einstein bobblehead at!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Classroom Bobbleheads Make Learning Fun for Teachers and Students

It's late August and that means it's back-to-school time for teachers and students. Nobody argues that teaching is a challenging profession. As a teacher, you’re competing for a student’s attention against multiple distractions and short attention spans. How you decide to present the subject material plays a critical role in sparking their interests and keeping them engaged. Once a student’s engaged in the curriculum, you can begin making a positive difference in their life, which is every teacher’s dream. 

Visual aids and props in the classroom help teachers achieve their goals. They function as a learning tool for children and educators by providing a visual representation of the subject being discussed. Approximately 65% of the population is visual learners (1). This type of learning adds an important element of understanding for students you don’t get with regular text or oral presentations. One study conducted by 3M Corporation even showed visual aids in the classroom can improve learning by up to 400% (2).

Historical Bobbleheads Political Bobbleheads Einstein Bobblehead
Teachers can now bring their subject material to life using historical, political, and presidential bobblehead figures. Discussing the significance of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address? There’s a bobblehead for that. Reading one of Mark Twain’s famous novels in class? There’s a bobblehead for that. Studying Civil Rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. and his accomplishments during Black History Month? There’s a bobblehead for that. Researching war-time heroes such as General George Patton or Ulysses S. Grant? There are bobbleheads for that too.

Bobbleheads are generally thought of in terms of entertainment value but now they have the opportunity to serve a much greater purpose. Used in a visual learning capacity, these figures can help inform and educate America’s youth about the history of our great nation. In today’s society, children are constantly bombarded with information while they’re surfing the internet, watching TV, or playing on their smartphone. Teachers need an edge, something to tip the scales in their favor. Those who think outside the box to make learning fun will find it easier to communicate a valuable message in the classroom. How is your message going to rise above the noise?

Visit for quality historical, political, scientific, literary, military, and religious bobbleheads.

1. “Computers as Mindtools for Engaging Learners in Critical Thinking;” David H. Jonassen, Chad Carr, and Hsiu-Ping Yueh; March 1998

2. “Polishing Your Presentation;” 3M Visual Systems Division, 2001

Monday, August 19, 2013

8 Custom Bobblehead Process Tips

Custom bobbleheads are a special kind of gift because they usually represent people, companies, animals, or events. Many custom bobblehead vendors operate as eCommerce companies with no physical store location so shopping for these products can be a challenge, especially for first-time customers. Unscrupulous, irresponsible, and downright shady bobblehead dealers don’t make the process any easier. Consumers have to look out for hidden costs, inferior materials, and discrepancies during the proofing process.

If you’re new to the custom bobblehead process, here are eight essential areas you’ll want to pay attention to…

1) Body Type: There are a lot of body options to choose from but it basically boils down to two categories - Fully Custom and Standard Body. As the name implies, “Fully Custom” is essentially a blank bobblehead you can design from head-to-toe. “Standard Body” bobbleheads, on the other hand, are based on a certain model. This could be a baseball player, businessman, nurse, male, female, etc. Again, you’ll be able to select from hundreds of available options.
Custom Bobblehead Models
Here you see a fully custom versus a standard body (businessman model) bobblehead.

2) Head Bobble: Yes, believe it or not, this is an optional feature on some bobblehead sites. These companies charge extra for the head bobble action on your custom bobblehead. It’s generally a small fee but the lesson here is not to assume anything when it comes to your “bobble” head.

3) Props/Accessories: This is a particularly tricky area. It refers to things like hats, glasses, tattoos, handheld objects, and much more. Hat and shirt logos and lettering are also included here. Most of these will result in additional charges. They’re generally small charges in the $10-15 range but can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, some companies don’t list the items and associated cost on their website. This leads to an adjusted bill in the end once the consumer’s been hit with hidden fees.

Custom Bobblehead Process Accessories Props
Notice the accessories and props included in this model.

4) Base: The base is where a bobblehead stands. Typically, they are included in the initial pricing. However, if you would like a larger or customized base, it will cost you more. Pricing depends on the level of base customization. For example, adding a car to your base will cost more than a bike. Lettering on the base, like a name or quote, will also cost a little extra. Some sites charge a flat rate (around $10) while others can charge per word or even letter.

Custom Bobblehead Custom Base
This is an example of a pretty elaborate custom base, lettering included.

5) Material: Quality custom bobbleheads are made from a durable polyresin material. Due to its highly customizable characteristics, polyresin allows for the finished product to be highly detailed in all aspects of the design. Polyresin is the industry-standard when it comes to quality bobbleheads but some companies opt for polymer clay because it shortens the process time. Unfortunately for consumers, clay is a cheaper and much more fragile substitute.

6) Proofing: During this part of the process, customers can actually approve, deny, and request changes to their custom bobblehead(s). Some companies charge extra for proofing while others include it in the initial bobblehead price. Not all proofing is equal either. In other words, one company might offer unlimited proofing while another allows only one proof per stage. If you want your custom bobblehead as close to perfect as possible, unlimited proofing is the key. You'll also want a proofing process that is interactive and centered on user experience.

7) Extra Copies: If you’re only ordering one bobblehead then you won’t have to worry about the cost of additional copies. However, if you’d like to order a copy of your bobblehead along with the original, keep an eye on pricing. Some companies will give you a discount on the copy while others will charge full price. Most companies also offer discount pricing on bulk orders. For example, ordering 10-20 copies might earn you 25% off and 50-100 copies could net a 50% discount. This information is not always displayed clearly on the website so be sure to ask if you have any questions. A mistake here could cost you big time.

8) Shipping: The cost of shipping your bobblehead(s) will inevitably vary from site to site. Most companies offer the usual standard ground, express, and priority shipping options. Those parts are pretty straightforward. However, if you’re ordering multiple bobbleheads, pay attention to the rates. Some sites use flat rate shipping while others charge per bobblehead. For example, if standard ground shipping is $10, a flat rate means you can ship five bobbleheads for $10. If you decide to use a company that charges per bobblehead, shipping five bobbleheads in this scenario would cost you $50. The latter can get quite expensive.

Custom bobbleheads are a great gift idea but the process itself can be daunting for new and returning customers. A good website combined with a great customer service team will alleviate most issues but the consumer should always be prepared. Perform your due diligence to ensure you end up with the desired bobblehead product at the right price.

For more information on custom bobbleheads, visit!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elvis is Back in the Building with a New Bobblehead, in association with Royal Bobbles, is proud to present the latest addition to our bobblehead collection: Elvis '68 Comeback Special!

Elvis 68 Comeback Special Bobblehead

The King of Rock N' Roll is back and better than ever with this new bobblehead!

From the gold rings on his fingers to the creases in his Black Leather outfit, every bobblehead is hand-sculpted, hand-painted, and accurately reproduced in stunning detail. It is available for purchase online at Pick up your piece of Elvis history today!


Since the bobblehead's release Friday, feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Check out these reviews...

In "Battle of the Elvis Bobbleheads," ElvisBlog.Net owner Phil arnold writes:

"I chose that title because it sounds so good, but there is no real battle of Elvis 
bobbleheads. That has been convincingly won by this new guy."

In "Royal Bobbles Unveils '68 Comeback' Elvis," contributor and Elvis fan Jim Dolan says:

"This one looks like Elvis, and in this pose acts like Elvis. If anything, this bobble head 
accentuates the strong lines of his jaw and chin, capturing the always physical Elvis."

Win Elvis

If you'd like a chance to win this Limited-Edition Elvis '68 Comeback Special bobblehead figure, head over to our Facebook page and enter the contest! Remember, even if you don't win, you can purchase Elvis at

Elvis 68 Comeback Special Bobblehead Box from
Each Elvis bobblehead comes in a beautifully designed 
collector's box full of facts and information.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Do People Collect Bobbleheads?

Everyone needs a hobby, something to take their mind off the daily grind. A hobby should make you smile and feel warm inside. It’s your own little slice of heaven. There are a lot of different hobbies to choose from but one of the more popular activities is collecting. People, young and old, collect all sorts of things. Depending on their interests, it might be stamps, coins, cards, dolls, or action figures. Memorabilia is popular too, especially when it involves sports, politics, and cinema.

Bobbleheads have become a hot collectible item these days for a couple of reasons. First, they cover a wide array of interests. There’s a bobblehead for everyone and everything, from athletes and movies stars to popular musicians and comic book characters. History buffs, in particular, gravitate towards these figures due to a large selection of historical and political bobbleheads available in the market.

George Washington Bobblehead from
George Washington (Royal Bobbles) is a very popular bobblehead collectible.

Another factor contributing to the surge in bobblehead popularity among collectors is the rareness of these items. Most are limited editions, making them extremely sought-after pieces. A quick search of eBay shows over 47,000 listings for bobbleheads, many of which are going for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In fact, there’s an Elvis Presley One Carat Diamond Bobblehead listed at $36,995.

Washington Post Image Bryce Harper Bobblehead Night
Unfortunately, many of these Washington Nationals 
fans won't get a Bryce Harper bobblehead.
(Photo courtesy of Washington Post)

Bobblehead giveaways at sporting events clearly illustrate the law of supply and demand. Generally speaking, teams only hand out bobbleheads to the first thousand or so fans, regardless of how many fans show up three hours early. Bobbleheads do a great job of boosting attendance but the reality is a large percentage of fans will walk away empty-handed. Less fortunate fans are left to scavenge the secondary market for a piece of bobblehead history.

Above all though, bobbleheads are fun. They’re fun to look at, talk about, and share with others. At the end of the day, that’s what a hobby should be: fun and entertaining. Whether it’s passion for a character or particular subject matter, Bobblehead figures serve as small reminders of something that brings joy to our lives. It’s no surprise people collect bobbleheads. In some way, the figures are a part of them, each one speaking to fond memories and burning desires.

Visit if you're looking to start a hobby or add onto your collection!

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