Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bobblehead Reviews: 'I'd give you three thumbs up if I had 'em'

I'll periodically share some bobblehead customer reviews with readers since we have a plethora of comments. Some may be for custom bobbleheads and others for our actual bobblehead figures like Einstein, Lincoln, etc. Here's the first batch...

Birthday Female Tennis Custom Bobblehead"This whole experience was awesome!! I'd give you three thumbs up if I had 'em. My wife loved it... It was spot on and the building process was so was so easy for someone as computer illiterate as me. :)" - Anon

"I gave one of these as a Christmas gift two years ago, and it is still being talked about. The recipient kept staring at it, and for once, was a total loss for words. It even brought a few tears. It was such a surprise and is definitely the best gift I've ever found." - Anon

"The gift of the bobblehead was a hit!!! The likeness was so incredible... My boyfriend’s reactions was 'Hey that's me!' It was the perfect gift - something you can't buy on a shelf and it meant more to him that I took the time to find something so uniquely personal to him. Thanks for doing such a great job!" - Jodi

"HUGE hit! Our CEO received it as his farewell gift and he LOVED it! Our management team will each receive one for their offices - thank you for doing such a great job on this!" - Anon

"Can't wait to give the bobblehead to my boss for Christmas. He is a Bobblehead collector and you can absolutely see that this is HIS likeness. There's no mistaking it. I think him and anybody that knows him will get a kick out of it!! The best gift I have EVER given!" - Debbie

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