Thursday, September 19, 2013

Custom Bobblehead Review: 'Service was exceptional and I cannot say enough about the professionalism'

We proudly present Pastor Spellman and his custom bobblehead...

Custom Bobbleheads Review

"I could not have been more pleased with the bobblehead order! The likeness was unreal! The service was exceptional and I cannot say enough about the professionalism and personal interaction I have experienced with this company! This is the perfect gift for a special occasion or for that certain someone who has everything! Oh! And get the recorder as an extra treat! Having that person's own voice saying something they are known for - nothing can top it!" - Becki Guyer

Thank you for your kind words Becki! Visit to put a smile on someone's face:)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Novelty Collectibles and Bobbleheads Fill the Action Figure Void for Adults

Ninja Turtles Leonardo Action Figure Toy
Action figures are a big part of childhood for most kids. Whether you grew up on Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, or Power Rangers, the toys associated with these characters always brought a smile to your face. Once you become an adult, those figures and memories seem so distant. Fortunately, novelty collectibles and bobbleheads can recapture the magic in a way more suitable for your grownup tastes.

Consider novelty collectibles as action figures for adults. You won’t find any of these “toys” at Toys “R” Us or Target. In fact, the term “toy” is used loosely in this instance because these figures should be classified as works of art in many cases. Places like NECA and SideshowCollectibles offer figures of all shapes and sizes representing characters from movies, cartoons, video games, TV shows, books, sports, and more. The amount of effort and detail put into each figure is astonishing. As an adult, displaying one of these breathtaking collectibles in your living room would be akin to hanging a beautiful painting on the wall. Some may even cost you as much as those expensive paintings but the quality is worth the expense for many fans.

Iron Man Life Size Action Figure Sideshow Collectibles
Yes, this is a life-size Iron Man 3 action figure. You can actually purchase this from Sideshow Collectibles. (Photo courtesy of

Kids choose action figures based on characters that peak their interest. The same logic applies with novelty collectibles for adults. No matter your passion, there’s a figure for it. Star Wars, Batman, Dexter, GI Joe, Iron Man, etc. are all available in some form.  For example, Iron Man fans have options ranging from a sixth scale figure of Tony Stark ($279.99) to an Iron Man Mark 42 life-size figure ($8499.99). Check out Entertainment Earth’s website. It does a nice job gathering product information from different collectible manufacturers and making it easy to find. You can shop the site by company, theme, or product type. They also provide easily digestible Top 10 lists for best-sellers, new products (or "Hot Off the Truck" as they call it), and more.

Ben Franklin Royal Bobbles Bobblehead
Collectible figures aren’t exclusive to superheroes and movie stars. If history and science is your forte, Royal Bobbles (closely associated with specializes in historical bobbleheads. It has collections based on U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, the Civil War, our Founding Fathers, and more. The brand covers science and literature too with popular bobbleheads like Einstein, Mark Twain, and Edgar Allan Poe. Similar to the novelty collectibles from NECA and Sideshow, Royal Bobbles’ bobbleheads are designed to be life-like figures which also happen to bobble, not caricatures that look wacky. 

What’s the lesson here? Growing up doesn’t mean you have to give up on action figures. Instead, start looking at more grownup action figures in the form of high-end novelty collectibles and bobbleheads. Film, comic, and history buffs alike can appreciate the fine detail of these pieces and the stories they tell. Whatever your interest, celebrate it with the youthful exuberance you had as a kid. Your inner child will thank you.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Custom Bobblehead Review: 'You all made a bunch of people here very happy!'

Here is an awesome email we recently received from a customer...
Dear Kim & Michelle,

Thank you both SO much for all your guidance and putting up with all my questions during this process.  We gave our boss his bobblehead last night and his reaction was absolutely priceless!!
He laughed for over 10 minutes with tears rolling down his face!! He was absolutely shocked and speechless!  It was awesome!

I'd like to thank your artists who sculpted and painted the doll - they are to be commended for their talent and accuracy! Amazing job by all!!!

And I am astounded by the fact that I received it in such a short amount of time!!  FedX is incredible, too! The package was delivered within 20 minutes of the time estimated, and I couldn't believe it was here exactly when we had hoped it would be!!

Hugs & kudos to you and your amazing staff and company! You all made a bunch of people here very happy!

Debbie Metzelfeld

Custom bobbleheads make a great gift if you're looking for smiles and laughs:)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Marketing Lessons from Dodgers’ Magic Johnson 'Bobblehead Hunt' Promotion

The Los Angeles Dodgers are hitting homeruns left and right with their bobblehead promotions. Last week everyone was talking about the RickMonday ‘flag saving’ bobblehead giveaway. This week, the club has announced a new promotion associated with Magic Johnson Bobblehead Night coming up on September 12th against the Giants. They’re calling it the “#MeetMagic Scavenger Hunt.”

Want to meet sports legend, and Dodgers owner, Magic Johnson? Here's your chance! Each day at 2 pm, @Dodgers will release clues on Twitter about the location of hidden Magic Johnson Bobbleheads across Southern California. Be the first to arrive at the spot and correctly answer a trivia question, and you could win two suite tickets to the game and a meet and greet with Magic Johnson.
Participants must follow @Dodgers on Twitter in order to be eligible to win.
LA  Dodgers Magic Johnson Bobblehead

This promotional contest is a win on so many levels. First, it plays off the skyrocketing popularity of bobblehead giveaways. Second, it does a great job of engaging fans through social media by releasing clues on Twitter. Finally, the Dodgers are spreading the wealth locally. By hiding an autographed Magic Johnson at seven different southern California locales over a seven day period, they’re getting community establishments involved and stimulating the local economy. This isn’t just a Dodgers promotion; it’s now a community promotion. It’s a smart, benevolent move by the organization.

Companies should take advantage of this marketing blueprint that emphasizes custom bobbleheads, social media promotion, and community outreach. Whether you’re part of a global corporation or small business, two primary marketing goals are audience growth and engagement. The Dodgers bobblehead promotion accomplishes both of those objectives in a fun and entertaining way. Be creative and think outside the box. The “Bobblehead Hunt” concept works well for local promotions, in-store contests, tradeshows, company retreats, and more.

Right now you're probably thinking:
  • My company doesn't have the same lofty status and enormous following of a major league baseball team.
  • My company doesn't have an iconic mascot or famous employee whose custom bobblehead would be recognized outside the office. 

Marlins Bobbleheads
The Marlins have corporate sponsors for bobblehead giveaways, 
including Pepsi and Preferred Care Partners as shown here.

If this is the case, consider sponsoring a bobblehead for local teams or famous personalities. For example, Keck Medical Center of USC is sponsoring Magic Johnson Bobblehead Night. It's practically the equivalent of a celebrity endorsement. Corporate-sponsored custom bobbleheads represent an excellent branding opportunity. Theses figures, including your company’s logo and message, will end up on the bookshelves, mantles, and office desks of decision makers. Think of it as free promotion for your products or services on prime advertising real estate.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bobblehead Reviews: 'I'd give you three thumbs up if I had 'em'

I'll periodically share some bobblehead customer reviews with readers since we have a plethora of comments. Some may be for custom bobbleheads and others for our actual bobblehead figures like Einstein, Lincoln, etc. Here's the first batch...

Birthday Female Tennis Custom Bobblehead"This whole experience was awesome!! I'd give you three thumbs up if I had 'em. My wife loved it... It was spot on and the building process was so was so easy for someone as computer illiterate as me. :)" - Anon

"I gave one of these as a Christmas gift two years ago, and it is still being talked about. The recipient kept staring at it, and for once, was a total loss for words. It even brought a few tears. It was such a surprise and is definitely the best gift I've ever found." - Anon

"The gift of the bobblehead was a hit!!! The likeness was so incredible... My boyfriend’s reactions was 'Hey that's me!' It was the perfect gift - something you can't buy on a shelf and it meant more to him that I took the time to find something so uniquely personal to him. Thanks for doing such a great job!" - Jodi

"HUGE hit! Our CEO received it as his farewell gift and he LOVED it! Our management team will each receive one for their offices - thank you for doing such a great job on this!" - Anon

"Can't wait to give the bobblehead to my boss for Christmas. He is a Bobblehead collector and you can absolutely see that this is HIS likeness. There's no mistaking it. I think him and anybody that knows him will get a kick out of it!! The best gift I have EVER given!" - Debbie

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sports Fans Show Team Spirit with Custom Bobbleheads

Football is starting back, baseball teams are in a pennant chase, and another NBA season is right around the corner. It’s a good time to be a sports fan. The word “fan” is short for fanatic, which fits perfectly because many of us are crazy about our teams. Whether it’s college or pro (or both), fans show their team spirit in a variety of ways. From clothes and chairs to cups and grill covers, they’re drawn towards just about anything featuring their team’s logo.  Bobbleheads have also become a real big hit among sports teams and their respective fan bases.

When people think “sports bobbleheads,” they typically think athlete and mascot bobblehead giveaways at games. However, you may not realize that custom bobbleheads can be designed for anyone, even the diehard fan. If you’re a fan who “has it all,” build a custom bobblehead. Maybe you’re tired of coasters and key chains. Perhaps you’re searching for a more original expression of team spirit, one you know your buddies don’t possess. A personal bobblehead is 100% original because it’s customized in your likeness from head-to-toe, including team colors, accessories, and other paraphernalia.

This couple decided to top off their Green Bay Packers' cake with a custom bobblehead!

Once you've built your bobblehead, you can proudly display at home, in the office, and even bring it along to games for tailgating. Some even use them as cake toppers for birthdays, weddings, or tailgates. Whatever the occasion, be it the big game or your big day, let friends, family, and coworkers know where your team loyalty lies. Sports are supposed to be fun. Bobbleheads are fun. It’s a perfect match. Support your team and/or school with a truly one of a kind item nobody else owns. Visit to become your team’s #1 fan!

A custom bobblehead, the perfect tailgate centerpiece.

Need a Corporate Gift, Tradeshow Giveaway, or Promo Product? Learn from Baseball’s Bobblehead Craze

Baseball fans aren't coming out to the ballpark this season like they have in the past. As of May 29th, Major League Baseball’s attendance had shown a 2.9% decline in attendance when compared to the same point in 20121. Baseball executives are quick to point out a number of “excuses” like weather, TV, ticket prices, and the Marlins (who account for 40 percent of the decline in tickets sold).  Regardless, it’s their job to fill the stadium. Where do they turn for a spike in attendance and new business? The answer is custom bobbleheads.

Baseball Bobbleheads
The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on the “power of a free bobblehead.” In it, the author notes an increase in attendance of almost 50% for the Seattle Mariners when they held Ken Griffey Jr. bobblehead night2. According to studies, attendance associated with the usage of promotions has shown an average of a 14% increase3. The greatest attendance increases have recently been attributed to the resurgence of bobblehead dolls. Even last place teams like the Minnesota Twins have successfully taken advantage of bobblehead promotions this season. They've seen attendance boost by an average of 7,000 people on bobblehead giveaway days4.

What does this mean for your company? New business results from being creative and fun, not dull and boring. I’ll use tradeshows as an example. Some companies are creative with corporate giveaways but many use the same uninspiring pen and plastic cup routine. Now, imagine the buzz your booth will create with custom bobbleheads based on the company’s mascot, logo, or product. Everybody loves bobbleheads. Your booth may even experience a 50% attendance increase, much like the Mariners. In this scenario, a raffle approach will produce plenty of lead cards for your sales team.

Custom Bobblehead Corporate Gift Tradeshow Ideas
Company bobbleheads make great branding and promotional tools.

Bobblehead winners can show off their prize to co-workers in the office. They’ll proudly display it on the desk or shelf for everyone to see. In addition to its entertainment value, the branded bobblehead serves as a constant reminder of your company’s products and services. This desktop billboard gives you a clear-cut advantage over the competition when it comes time for a purchasing decision.

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