Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bring Your Office to Life with Bobbleheads

It all started with Dwight on The Office…

Dwight Schrute Bobblehead The Office
Dwight and The Office started the cubicle bobblehead movement!

Bobbleheads have exploded onto the office scene as employees (and bosses) look for ways to liven up their work space. Some people even refer to their bobbles as “work toys.” It makes sense, seeing as that bobbleheads are supposed to be fun and entertaining. Unfortunately, many don’t associate “work” with “fun” so bobbleheads provide a moment of levity during the daily grind.

Stress Ball Office Toys
Perhaps taking the place of stress balls, bobbleheads can be found on the desktops of employees in Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. The approving nature of these figures can be soothing. A bobblehead is the consummate “yes man,” always nodding with approval. It thinks your idea is great. It thinks you deserve that promotion and a raise. From Einstein to President Obama, they all agree you’re Employee of the Month.

Studies show making your office or workspace more personal can improve productivity. As with anything, moderation is the key. There’s no need to clutter your space but a couple of knick knacks, like a bobblehead, won’t hurt. Besides, your desk says something about you. It makes a personal statement. You can be hard-working and fun at the same time. Show coworkers and management you’re more than just spreadsheets and TPS reports.

Office Bobblehead Clyde Frazier Knicks
Clyde Frazier loves basketball and hates TPS reports.

Mark Twain Bobblehead
Whatever your interests are outside of work, there’s a bobblehead associated with it. If you’re a sports fan, teams have bobbleheads for the mascots and players in most cases. What about book enthusiasts? Take your pick of many famous authors like Shakespeare, Twain, and Poe. Maybe TV and movies are more your style. There’s bound to be a bobblehead available for your favorite characters. History buffs are also in luck because of easy access to Presidents, politicians, war heroes, and other historical figures.

It’s been well documented the majority of people hate their jobs. The office can be a dull and dreadful place. If you must spend 40 hours a week there minimum, why not brighten it up a bit with a bobblehead or two. Visit to make your office fun (or at least bearable) and boost productivity.

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