Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Reasons Why Custom Bobbleheads Make Great Coach’s Gifts

Pee-wee and little league coaches help today’s youth learn the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and competition. They volunteer time and energy, often asking for nothing in return.  However, parents and children typically present the coach or coaches with a gift of some kind at the end of the season to show their appreciation. Rewards vary widely, from signed balls to restaurant gift cards, and everyone chips in to split the cost.

Team moms looking for something a little more fun and original are choosing custom bobbleheads. Here are three reasons why they make excellent coach’s gifts…

Coach Gift Idea Custom Bobblehead
Glasses, shoes, visor, capture it all with a bobblehead!

1) Personal: Bobbleheads can be customized from head-to-toe to include clipboards, visors, team logos, and more. No two coaches are alike so why present them with a generic trophy or award. Instead, capture their unique appearance and demeanor forever with a custom bobblehead.

2) Interactive: Many people enjoy the creative process behind a custom bobblehead. Some team parents even involve the kids by letting them help pick out their coach’s bobblehead features and accessories. This makes for an all-around great experience and can even be used as a team building activity.

3) Fun: Quite frankly, bobbleheads are just more fun than other gifts. Kids and coaches alike will enjoy them so it’s a win-win scenario. At the end of the day, or season in this case, isn’t sports all about having fun? Imagine the smiles and laughter when your coach receives their bobblehead at the team’s end-of-season party. They’ll treasure that bobblehead forever.

Keep in mind these awesome gifts are individually hand-crafted and hand-painted. Custom bobbleheads typically take 6-8 weeks for sculpting, shipping, and proofing so plan ahead. Now’s a great time to place your order because many seasonal sports are starting up soon or have just begun. Visit CustomBobbleheads.com and build your coach’s bobblehead today!

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